You provide a significant contribution to the universe when you take care of yourself. And if you place no limitations on what you want, your contribution has a more robust impact. Prioritizing your mental, physical and spiritual well-being, leverages your energy and it catapults the momentum of your desires. And […]

Coffee or Computers?

Make connections that matter. And, every connection is an interaction that matters. Numerous people are preparing to make resolutions and set goals for the upcoming year, and it’s crazy. The holiday season drives people into shopping frenzies, depression and debt. Then, when it’s over, here come the resolutions or goals […]

Unfold To Each Moment

Learning and releasing concepts of time is not as easy as it appears; however, it’s worth the lesson. I admit, there have been thoughts that I battled with, and those thoughts drained my joy. They were draining, because I started to look at lack, until I went swimming. The universe […]