Setting Expectations

Many years ago, I started telling others and myself, “You are your own definition.” I understood in my late teen years that my personal worth was up to me. This was a lesson I had to learn many times, until I finally understood the lesson. This still holds true every […]

Be the Balance

You’ve heard “Be the change you want to see in the world,” by Gandhi. Now, you can choose to “Be the balance.” Every opposite has it’s opposite or “opposites attract.” And, our attractions help keep balance. You’ve also heard, “like attracts like.” When it comes to attraction, you have the […]

Let Go of The Outcome

The fog comes to disorient us, but it also comes to remind us to slow down and pay attention. When the fog comes, you may not be able to see. You may not know what’s around the next corner, but trust where you are now. Focus on the present moment. […]