Reset to Center

Today may not have gone as you planned. Maybe, you did not get the promotion you worked hard for, or maybe, the person you had an interest in did not show you the same interest.  Maybe, just maybe, you feel that things are out of order or off centered.  Whatever is not working out the way you planned, is working out for your plan.  You’re not going to get me to disagree with that feeling of being off, because you’re right.  You’re off course on purpose.  But, how do you get back on track?  How do you get back on focus?  How do you get that feeling of purpose to thrive in your spirit again? Better yet, how do you get back to the center point of your soul?  I know that feeling well, and I know that getting off course can happen many times.  And, I will share with you what is going on, so you can reset, recharge, and reflect back on your purpose.  Is there a simple resolution for what you’re feeling?  No.  Is there a fast paced course?  No.  But, can you resolve it and fulfill your purpose! YES!

First, know that you’re not failing. Know that failing is simply not achieving in something expected. And, your purpose is based on unexpected expectancy.  Know that there is an appointed time unknown to you that blossoms from your intended talent and treasures, and know that you’re doing what you may have or have not heard from other people–you’re shifting.  Yes, that’s right!  You’re soul is shifting toward your purpose, and it is never easy, comfortable, filled with support at first, but trust yourself, it will make sense when it is suppose to.  Things will not fall into place, but be in place when they are suppose to.  Whatever you desire to REALLY do, that’s the path that the universe is shifting your soul toward.  Being prepared is far better than being unprepared.  Part of understanding the moments of shifting is to accept them as they occur, and accept them as preparation for your purpose.  The greats, such as the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, and the present humble, enlighten spirit of Deepak Chopra have often mentioned shifting and being centered.  But, what does this mean?  How do you get centered?

You practice being still and quiet by just stop doing whatever you’re doing.  You stop repeating the routine and break the monotony of any activity.  Stopping does not mean forfeiting the desire, it means stopping to pay attention to what you’re ignoring.  You stop to quiet your mind from the chaos.  The chaos of anyone telling how to do what it is you need to do with setting goals, calling, texting, getting on social media, writing, watching television, listening to music, going shopping, or to the movies,  or reading too many books, blogs (including mine) at one time.  You stop the repetitious behavior that has not moved you forward.  You just stop and make yourself sit in silence, even when it seems unbearable.  You sit, and then you yell!  Yes, you yell, and yell, and yell, and you keep yelling.  And, you keep sitting, until your yelling turns into tears, and then the tears dry up and your nose is running and you decide to just be still.  Does this help?  Maybe, maybe not.  But, guess what?  You did something different.  And, after that “I’m glad, but I don’t care who heard F… heard me rant,” you wait.  What happens next is totally up to you and that is the freakin’ point.  You do whatever it is you want to do.  I do know that once you fully grasp that concept and accept it, the unexpected will happen.  The release you need will happen for you and clarity will come.  All the other things that you think you wanted may not seem as important anymore, and when you accept that, those things will begin to show up UNEXPECTEDLY.  Then, maybe just maybe, you would have reset your center, and again, you will begin to move forward in your purpose.  Resetting your center is dealing with all the chaos, so you can actually be still and listen and learn how to commune with the universe, so the universe can move you ON PURPOSE.