Having Tea with God

Morning fog hovers with a thin haze aligned to the horizon’s viewpoint.  A viewpoint with round, transparent dewdrops on the edges and middle parts of green grass and autumn trees; a rooftop covered full, as if shimmering with diamonds.  Peeling white paint in the crevices of the wooden porch panes lead to center on two rustic, brown rocking chairs with backs and bottoms interwoven with circle lace, straw-horned décor.

Occupied by one constant occupant, and the other in stillness; separated by a lilac, ceramic table no higher than two feet, an unpolished, cup rest idle and in the center awaiting introduction into serene, silent conversation.

Having Tea with God is a reflection on how we observe moments of silence and commune with the universe.  And, understanding that when we use that silence, things begin to shift and that shifting is part of manifesting great moments.  We manifest our greatest moments by understanding that there is power in silence, but not a power of force. It’s a power of awakening to a knowledge and truth that remained hidden from you.  The power of silence has the ability to harness the power of universe.

It is the silence that gives direction to thought, feelings, and action.  We do this by getting still in the present moment.  Getting still does not mean to  become a statue in our actions, but it is a way of refocusing or distracting our thoughts away from that which is preoccupying our mind.   Having Tea with God is not a literal representation, however, it does represent the power of manifestation of what a person can do to quiet their mind and focus.  If you were able to visualize the images from the text in the beginning paragraph, then you know how powerful words are, and why it is important to keep our minds focused on representing a humbled persona, while realizing that everyday will not be a perfect day.  This is easier said than done, right?  Think back and focus.  What do you think of when people offer tea for an occasion or just for an everyday beverage?  Remember, there are some countries where drinking tea is an everyday common occurrence during a certain time of the day.  And, when you think of drinking tea, it is a beverage that can be for anytime of the day–it is known to aide in the healing process, remove many impurities or toxins, and provide a soothing and comforting atmosphere.  Having Tea with God is not a substitute for spirituality, as a matter of fact; it is all spiritual. Resting in God, the universe, yourself, forgiving yourself, and other, while accepting  mercy, and grace, and blessings is the tea.  The universe wants us to know how to listen in silent fellowship, so we can understand how to fellowship in good times, and the no so good ones.  The universe wants us to learn to bring the most appropriate and intimate moments to a surrendered space of silence.  And, when we do, we learn to accept our honest self, regardless of the fact that we have met ourself before, we are continuously getting introduced.

Having Tea with God is the time when one can our their thoughts, emotions, and actions without judgement into a safe space of unconditional love.  This is when the universe can impact and bring to our remembrance our promises for manifesting our destined life.  When life gets busy or chaotic with demands, challenges, hurts, and loved ones, Having Tea with God is the time people need one on one time with the universe.