Be a Catalyst for Change and Dreams

If no one has advised you that you can, permit me to be the first, “You can!” Maybe you’ve overheard it, and you still don’t consider it. You’re the only one that knows. What are you undertaking to transform how you believe? Yes, not what you believe, but how? You have to first change the HOW. Traditionally, you may have been lulled to sleep and taught to believe with limits. You may have been taught to have faith, and maybe you still don’t get it, but you may have been taught unconsciously to limit your faith. A faith built on limitations is not a faith of progress. It’s faith without understanding how powerful you are. Let me be clear.The power is in YOU!

The moment you start professing you have faith, is the moment that you’ll have some pretty unexplainable experiences, and it becomes the moment you start knowing what faith really is. When you reach the point, where you have what you’ve been taught contradict what you’ve personally experienced, then you will know what faith is and what it is not. I could give you a biblical perspective and one without, but it is not my place, because I believe that faith is something that happens through you and not something you acquire like a magic wand. I will do what I can to help you understand what faith is not. Here’s an example: A loved one gets sick, you pray, and that’s it. Faith is present here, however, it has a unique perspective. Many rely on faith until they realize there is no control, and no healing to the person, then all of a sudden that person dies. Does that mean they did not pray hard enough? Long enough? Lacked faith? Nope, not at all. It just means that the destined journey for that person’s soul ended. And maybe their healing came from no longer suffering. Can you stomach it? Yes? No? It is up to you. Can you blame someone?Do you blame them? Probably, probably not. It is up to you. Okay that was a harsh example, but it’s true, regardless of what you’re face in this life. It is up to you and how you respond. You can accomplish anything, obtain anything, become anything you want, but…Yes, there is a BUT, and it is up to you which include your choices.

Over the years, I’ve learned something valuable from one of my favorite life teachers, Deepak Chopra. Recently, he posted on Instagram a big reminder. He reminded me on how powerful the mind is and how important it is to detach from the outcome, “Expectancy determines the outcome,” Deepak stated. Faith is not expecting to know the end result of an action or following your ideas in action without expecting an outcome. Here’s a challenge for yourself. Start with an idea, there is no big or small idea, just choose and put blind faith into action. What does implicit faith mean? Be that catalyst for change and dreams. Start the spark! Don’t worry about the outcome of how, when, where, why, or who just start conveying your idea in action and permit it to flow.