Coffee or Computers?

Make connections that matter. And, every connection is an interaction that matters. Numerous people are preparing to make resolutions and set goals for the upcoming year, and it’s crazy. The holiday season drives people into shopping frenzies, depression and debt. Then, when it’s over, here come the resolutions or goals to lose weight, save money, do this, or do that. Making resolutions and setting goals are not too bad, but knowing how to set resolutions and goals without stress is healthier.   Merriam-Webster defines a resolution as, 1)the act or process of resolving 2)the act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler ones 3)the act of answering 4)the act of determining.[ “Resolution.” My response to these…1)Stop trying to control the situation and let it go. 2) Stop analyzing the situation and let it go. 3) Ignore the situation and let it go.   4) Stop trying to fix the situation and let it go.

The idea of writing down goals with time frames and making plans are engrained into our cognitive beliefs and habits. We rely on calendars, planners, sticky notes(paper and digital) to keep our lives organized, because we forget all the information we need to keep up with. There are people who hire people to keep up with their stuff, because there is too much stuff to keep up with. Furthermore, we have heard the famous saying credited to Benjamin Franklin, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”And who wants to fail? No one is raising their hand. Here’s the great news…Failure is a part of life; failure is necessary, and failure is expected behavior. People need to fail in order to learn lessons regarding life. One lesson is that life is designed not for perfection, but for purpose. The act of failing, and how we respond to it, while accepting people’s opinions about the outcome are what causes people to live in the fear of failure, when they try to control the situation. I say.“Fail on!” Why? When we fail, we become a better version of ourself and one destined for purposed success. Accepting failure means you are accepting to flow with the outcome. When you accept the flow of the outcome, you begin to accept and understand that life is in a constant and consistent state of change with no guarantee of when it will end.There isn’t a list with everyone’s name on it, and a check box with a death date next to your name. There is an appointed time for death, and that appointed time is known by time itself. Usually, the biggest fears are the lack of money or the lack of time. Henceforth, when focus on time and become immersed with lists and propaganda to purchase books and stuff to make our lists more manageable–the value of living is diminished. The priorities are driving by our written and mental checklists and plans, because our fears take precedent over our desires. They are created out of the fear of lack and false prepositioning that “if we don’t complete this, this destructive thing will happen.”

Living in fear is an illusion to bring about distress–dire stress; and understanding the impact of technology on human interaction is more significant today than a decade ago. The advancement in technology is magnificent, fluid, and evolving with the imagine. Technology has bridged our differences, but also, propelled our fears causing more division. Our lack of having quality face to face human interactions have dwindled due to the influence of technology on our social skills. The lack of socializing in person has crippled our critical thinking and intensified our fears of failure. People are limiting their socialization due to fears of getting hurt, sick, or money. Social media influences people’s opinions and is the mainstream for our critics to judge and determine success. Our socializing skills are becoming obsolete on many levels, and the absence of acknowledging behavior that impedes healthy development of social skills is being ignored. Why? When you address a behavior that appears unloving, or one that intentionally will lead to harm, someone feels like they have failed.Until failure is acceptable, and the recommendations for developing healthier behaviors of what failure represents acquires new meaning, then more beneficial outcomes are created. Consistent self-empowerment is healthy toward generating better outcomes. Learn to generate more desirable outcomes with vision boards.

Vision boards help us focus on how we feel rather than what we want. Visions propel our desires with thought and help us create healthy paths toward fulfilling our desires without obsessiveness. Which one will you create, a Bucket List or Vision Board? Coffee or computers?

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