Bridges to Build, Obstacles to Learn

Bridges build ways to get from one place to another. A bridge can also be an obstacle if you’re unwilling to cross it. An obstacle is an obstacle. It’s anything or anyone that you allow to block your way. Obstacles are lessons for us. They want us to slow down, look at things, go another router, or realize something is not for you. It mean that it’s not time. You might need to LET IT GO. This includes the way you think. You have defeated yourself the moment you speak or think, “I can’t, I don’t,” or anything that is opposite to what you think is possible for you. You can change this. You formed a habit of saying the negative, why not form habits of saying the positive? When you believe that lack is your birthright, then yes, you’re right. Money does matter, when you have money matters, while at the same time, you have to “act as if.” When you learn to accept where you are and what you have without limiting yourself to where you are and how it is, things change. You become aware of what you’re capable of. Every excuse is an excuse. Why not dare yourself to think different? Also, only you know what you want to do. No one can tell you what your desires are.

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