Let Go of The Outcome

The fog comes to disorient us, but it also comes to remind us to slow down and pay attention. When the fog comes, you may not be able to see. You may not know what’s around the next corner, but trust where you are now. Focus on the present moment. Stop and think about this moment. Use patience, perserverance, and trust. Okay, you hear, “Don’t worry,” many times, right? If I could tell you to stop, I would, if it were simple. Anything that requires growth is not simple. Worrying is an emotion, but I can tell you that I don’t do it. It’s not something that I learned, but is something I practice. It’s a consistent way of thinking of how you will approach and react to a situation, especially the one you don’t see. In my younger years, I saw people dying and getting sick because of stress. I decided that was not going to be me. Later, when people close to became ill and even if the illness resulted in death, I still did not worry. I “trusted the process.” There was something that told me to let go of the outcome. Let go of the outcome of needing to know, or needing to know the results of my plans and dreams. Let go of the need to understand, “Why things happen?” Instead, “trust the process.” Trust the process of doing what you can do now with what you have. Trust the process of appreciating what you have now, where you are, and everyone and everything you interact with. Trust yourself. Letting go of the outcome has a foundation of trust. Dare the universe to answer your requests. But, trust to let go of the time. Let go of the how and when. Another great reason to letting go of the outcome is, you create an atmosphere of no stress. Let that ish go!

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