Be the Balance

You’ve heard “Be the change you want to see in the world,” by Gandhi. Now, you can choose to “Be the balance.” Every opposite has it’s opposite or “opposites attract.” And, our attractions help keep balance. You’ve also heard, “like attracts like.” When it comes to attraction, you have the power to attract and deflect. You have the power to choose who and what you give your power to. So, what does it mean to “Be the balance?” You are the balance. You are that gray area. Think about the opposites: hot/cold, up/down, left/right, light/dark, and black, well, it’s not white. It’s every single color, because there is more than one shade of color. Colors are colors. You cannot limit your perspective toward only two views of any idea or outcome. You should not limit yourself at all. The mind and spirit is evolves every second bringing change. Change is inevitable and change is you.

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