Setting Expectations

Many years ago, I started telling others and myself, “You are your own definition.” I understood in my late teen years that my personal worth was up to me. This was a lesson I had to learn many times, until I finally understood the lesson. This still holds true every moment of your life. This is a reminder to set your own expectations. The more you try to live up to the expectations of others, you will fail. So, do expect to try and live up to them. Their expectations of you are only defined by you setting the expectations to be you. People will see you and begin to write their own definition based on what they value about you. This is their choice. And, they hold equal responsibility in defining themselves. Self value is a individual and personal lifelong journey. With every interaction, we decide the value it has for ourselves. This may be difficult to do at first, but you can even choose to find the value in negative experiences. Again, you and only you can decide the value. Setting the value in your self value begins with setting the expectations for you. Hold to your expectations, but don’t allow them to consume you. Learn to have love, peace, and balance with your expectations.

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