June 12th – Book Release Date

Your wait is almost over. I teased you enough and here is the official book cover for the release of When Tress Dance: Poems for Her and Her.  This is my very first book of love poems written for public release, and the first book of poems for lesbian lovers and […]

Be a Catalyst for Change and Dreams

If no one has advised you that you can, permit me to be the first, “You can!” Maybe you’ve overheard it, and you still don’t consider it. You’re the only one that knows. What are you undertaking to transform how you believe? Yes, not what you believe, but how? You […]

Having Tea with God

Morning fog hovers with a thin haze aligned to the horizon’s viewpoint.  A viewpoint with round, transparent dewdrops on the edges and middle parts of green grass and autumn trees; a rooftop covered full, as if shimmering with diamonds.  Peeling white paint in the crevices of the wooden porch panes […]