Bridges to Build, Obstacles to Learn

Bridges build ways to get from one place to another. A bridge can also be an obstacle if you’re unwilling to cross it. An obstacle is an obstacle. It’s anything or anyone that you allow to block your way. Obstacles are lessons for us. They want us to slow down, […]

Mental Mayhem

Lately, you may have seen this statement: Have the conversation. It’s not a new concept, but there is a fundamental need to understand what is occurring in our world. People remain uneducated in knowing how to detect mental health issues, but also, it can be hard to detect. Detecting mental […]


You provide a significant contribution to the universe when you take care of yourself. And if you place no limitations on what you want, your contribution has a more robust impact. Prioritizing your mental, physical and spiritual well-being, leverages your energy and it catapults the momentum of your desires. And […]