Unfold To Each Moment

Learning and releasing concepts of time is not as easy as it appears; however, it’s worth the lesson. I admit, there have been thoughts that I battled with, and those thoughts drained my joy. They were draining, because I started to look at lack, until I went swimming. The universe reminded me that freedom in being in the moment was floating in the moment—meaning that releasing all thoughts regarding time is necessary in experiencing relief from relationships, jobs, people, demands, and self-expectations.

You control and hold thoughts you want, and you release what you want and do not want. As hard as this idea may appear, it’s true to every aspect of our being, and it begins when we are born. We are born into a world that is programmed to think that awareness means being alert. Instead of knowing that awareness is being intimately in tune with the present state of our true self. Being aware is knowing how to handle our moments of fear and our moments of joy. We have to learn to know, and know to learn. Part of that dual process of learning and knowing occurs when we experience any thought, action, or belief about fear. We are aware, when we become aware of the experience. And it’s not the experience of the action, it’s the experience of the thoughts. In other words, when you realize that you control your perspective on how to handle the thought, you have become consciously aware of the experience. And then you can begin to truly feel what you experience. When you feel what you experience with an awareness of your present moment state, you are allowing the moments to unfold as it occurs. This is what unfolding to each moment means. This is healthy thinking that creates healthier mental clarity. We should be able to learn to know how to feel healthier, so we can know how to identify unhealthy thinking. Today, more than ever before, mental clarity is vital. The energy emanating from our world is both healthy and unhealthy, and its for a required balance. Lately, there has been an imbalance, and you can help by creating more mental clarity with better thoughts.