Your impact is greater than you know;




You’re allowed to shift.



                                                                                                                                                                                       –Kendra Turner

The Plan is Always in Play

Your desires take faith and patience. Faith isn’t for only religious people, it’s a spiritual concept. And fulfilling your desires is a spiritual concept, too. When you focus your mind on letting go of the outcome, things change toward your desires. When you desire to have, do, or fulfill something, you need a mindset of …

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You provide a significant contribution to the universe. And, taking care of yourself is an important contribution. When you’re limitless with your contributions, you have a more robust impact. Leverage your energy by prioritizing your mental, physical and spiritual well-being. This leverage catapults the momentum of your desires. It becomes the pathway toward fulfilling your …

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Why We Need To Open Up The Conversation Around Mental Health

You may have seen this statement: Have the conversation. It’s not a new concept, but there’s a fundamental need to understand what’s occurring in our world. A mental apocalypse. Detecting signs of mental health are challenging in several aspects. First, the signs aren’t easy to detect. And people who experience mental health issues mask them …

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Let Go

The fog disorients us, but also, it reminds us to slow down and pay attention. When the fog arrives, it arrives on purpose to impair vision. Any foggy situation requires clarity. Sometimes the fog will appear out of nowhere, you know the unexpected surprises. You might not know what’s coming, but trust knowing where you …

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Be the Balance

You’ve heard, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” by Gandhi. You can choose to “Be the balance.” Every opposite has it’s opposite or “opposites attract.” And, our attractions keep balance. You’ve also heard, “like attracts like.” When it comes to attraction, you have the power to attract and deflect. You have …

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Bridges to Build, Obstacles to Learn

Bridges build ways to get from one destination to another. A bridge can also be an obstacle if you’re unwilling to cross it. An obstacle becomes anything or anyone you allow to block your destination. Obstacles are lessons for us. They teach us to slow down, reflect, find another direction, or block our path for …

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Many years ago, I started to tell people and myself, “You are your own  definition.” A reference that is beginning to appear more across the Internet. I’d tell people that each day you wake, your definition begins. What exactly does this mean? It means you start to define with clarity who you are. Each belief, …

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