You provide a significant contribution to the universe. And, taking care of yourself is an important contribution. When you’re limitless with your contributions, you have a more robust impact. Leverage your energy by prioritizing your mental, physical and spiritual well-being. This leverage catapults the momentum of your desires. It becomes the pathway toward fulfilling your desires and having them manifest.

Fulfilling your desires is an investment back to the universe. Each time you show up for work, smile at someone, or do anything; it’s an investment back into the universe. Be a promoter and share your ideas, because your contribution matters.

There aren’t enormous or modest contributions. A contribution is a contribution. A contribution is an effort to recognize differences and bridge gaps of division. It’s a gift to enlighten hearts and minds. It’s a gift that fosters unique experiences with collaboration. Foster your desire in pursuit of your the passion, then give back to the universe what it has conveyed to you.